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What defines me is being “True to Myself”

“The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul”.

Every woman has some things that she is passionate about, things that make her who she is.  She is a daughter,sister,wife or mother. No matter what role she plays ,she is defined by a multitude of things which makes her perfect in her own sense. She is the one who is known to be better than son, she is the one who bears a child and gives life, she is the one who can smile in all odds, she is the one who lifts her child in every difficult circumstances. Beauty of a woman grows with passing years,she is groomed day by day by the circumstances she faces.The things that define me besides the labels of a daughter,sister,wife or a mother were added to my personality day by day and are being added as I grow.I would like to share some of them.

1.Positivity-It is very important for me that I start my day with Yoga and meditation.This keeps me positive throughout the day and re energizes my body.I feel life is balanced and have the faith and strength to fight in every circumstances.It has become a very integral and important part of my life.

2.Planning-I plan my day such that I can devote my precious time to each and every important thing in my life.This is important as at the end of the day I feel happy and satisfied .I believe that like a child I have a milestone to achieve daily which makes me grow day by day.Planning relieves me of all worries and I become a good Home manager too.

3.Creativity-I think creative thinking rejuvenates your mind and fills your life with surprises.I apply creativity in cooking which makes my family enjoy their meals daily,I apply creativity in playing with my daughter which helps her learn things naturally.Creativity at work has brought me lots of accolades too and my writings and poems have got me praises and love from many.

4.Passion-I believe one is dead without a passion in life.My passion for reading and writing keeps me happy even when I am all alone.They are my lifelong friends with no expectations.

5.Compassion-I feel a great satisfaction in doing something for the underprivileged small kids around me.I believe they are the stars which have lost their lights under poverty.I just sometimes devote some time with them and celebrate me or my kid’s birthday with them.I gift my family with this “Joy of Giving“.




Celebrating Birthday with underprivileged kids

6.Sense of Humor-It is truly said that “Just see the funnier side of life and there is no problem”. With the gift of “sense of humor”,people tend to enjoy my company and I too enjoy life.

I believe the true identity of a woman is not only being a successful doctor or engineer,its about being a woman of your dreams,where you can stand and firmly say,”Yes!this is is what I wanted to be” and on the death bed you have no regrets of not living your life to the fullest.My life shouldn’t be defined by others,my identity should be set  by my own set of dreams.This is what truly defines me “True to myself”.

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