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Dream to be hunger-free India!!!!

India is facing a major challenge of poverty and hunger.Poverty and hunger is a vicious circle as due to poverty a child has to work to end his and his family hunger and this in turn ruins his childhood and education making him poor whole of his life.The only way to come out of  this vicious circle is to end hunger which in turn will automatically end poverty.These are some of the measures that can be taken to eliminate classroom hunger and encourage children to join school.

  1. Healthy and nutritious mid-day meals-Though government has implemented this scheme in all government schools but most of the times it is seen that the meal is unhygienic and many times made students sick or even die. Most of the students now out of fear don’t eat the meal provided or get their own meals from home. Akshaya Patra ,an NGO has come up with a very nice concept of centralized kitchens which provides healthy and nutritious meals and the day is not far when each and every school will be benefitted from it. One more thing that can be implemented to ensure them diet full of nutrition is some food supplement/powders which can be had with water, that will ensure that they are getting proper nutrition too, even if the food they get is not healthy.
  2. To have corporate partners and public schools as food sponsors-Events can be organized once in a week in a company or school whereby everybody will devote a day to prepare healthy meals and serve them. Even public school students can devote a day to prepare meals and serve them .This will give our young generation a sense of service and make them a better citizen. With the meals, kids should be given some chocolates/sweets to make the meals more exciting for them. Students of public schools can be appreciated by certificates so that they are encouraged to take up such types of events in future.
  3. To get them to school-We have ample of government schools in our country, but there is a shortage of students as well as teachers. Only half of the students who enroll in school actually attend the school. This is due to the lack of enthusiastic teachers who know they are not going to be kicked out when if they don’t teach. That makes environment for students altogether boring.NGOs must come forward to conduct weekend activities like drawing competition, sports etc. in schools and give away prizes .This will encourage them to come to school. Even common people can contribute towards it. Any individual can celebrate his/her birthday in the school, which will make them enjoy and have gifts and sweets too.
  4. To get them good education-Even if students come to school what is the use if they are not able to write their names even? To impart good education, the school needs to implement interesting education techniques and hire responsible teachers. There should be a check in government schools so that each and every teacher teaches properly like it is in public schools.NGOs must come forward and impart training to government schools teachers on latest teaching techniques and skills.
  5. Integrating technology in education-Technology not only makes subjects interesting but easy to grasp too. But for that the biggest challenge for these schools is electricity.
  6. Helping employ parents of these kids-If the parents of these kids have proper means of earning, they won’t encourage their children to work or beg. So, giving their parents some benefits will surely encourage them to send their child to school.

But all these seemingly impossible things are possible only when all of us join hands and take a pledge to make our country free of hunger and make it a place where every child is educated. You can also contribute towards it by spreading the words of the efforts of Akshaya Patra.

Let us become socially responsible citizens.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.