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Are woman only meant to do laundry?

Mansi works as an HR manager and is a mother of 6 year old Riya. While coming back from office she picks up Riya from her crèche ,she promptly said,”Mom, please prepare Noodles for me today,I am fed up with daily Roti Sabji.” “Ok! sweetie,sure”. Meanwhile her husband Ashish called her, ”Mansi ,please prepare something special ,my friends are coming up” . So many things were going on in her mind. She went to buy vegetables and other eatables required. After coming back home, she found the house was in total mess, maid had taken leave and all the utensils were kept unwashed. “Oh God!! guests are to come, what I am to do now?”.



Ashish had carelessly thrown his all clothes on bed and his wet towel was lying on sofa. She had told him so many times to atleast put his towel outside after taking bath, but he just throws it on sofa. She quickly washed utensils, prepared food and cleaned her house .Finally,the door bell rang and she ran to welcome the guests. Ashish and guests came and sat comfortably on sofa. She was moving from kitchen to dining room and dining room to kitchen to serve guests. Ashish was comfortably sitting and chatting with his friends, how could he get up and help his wife, what would people say and after all it was women’s job. It was 12 at night, guests had gone, Ashish retired to sleep and she was still left with dozens of tasks to do. She had to assemble things in place, prepare lunch box and dress of her children and husband for the other day. On weekends,she washes the clothes of the whole week for everybody in the family,because after all laundry was never meant to be husband’s job.This way she has to struggle day and night with the burden of two jobs.

This is not only the story of Mansi but of many other women and can be seen in almost every second household where working women are burdened with two jobs.  According to a survey by Ariel , 85% of women feel they have two jobs , one at work and another at home. Capture


An another survey also shows that 76% men feel that laundry is a woman’s job.


Now the question is ,why is there an inequality between men and women within the household, while India is working towards equal opportunities for all at the workplace? How long will Indian men continue to be “patidev” or “God of wife” ?

Our Indian culture is such that although in our households a daughter and son are given equal education but daughters need to learn all household work and sons are not even taught to pick their plates after having food, they are taught that these household chores are only a girls duty.This faulty Indian mentality brings them to a conclusion that women are meant to perform their tasks . They feel ashamed helping their wives.

But times have changed now, men must understand that women have enough pressure and burden when she works, he must support her to share that burden, otherwise she will break. He should understand that when woman is sharing her financial burden then why can’t he help her sometimes in household chores .Not only husbands,even the kids must be taught that its their duty to perform their tasks on their own and help their mothers too.

 “I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at BlogAdda.com in association with Ariel.”