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How to be a Good Dinosaur?

Last week I watched the movie “The Good dinosaur”.I found it quiet inspiring.Arlo was the smallest dinosaur and the day he was born he was weak and small.He was always fearful about small things happening in his life.He felt really upset about it.The movie is all about how instead of being small and weak , he learns from life and emerges out to be strong and fearless.Life throws him in several hardships,but he overcomes them with bravery.He learns from his life that-

A)“You have to get through your fear to get the beauty on other side”.We often miss many wonderful things that life offers to us because we are scared to come out of our comfort zone.

B)You should not feel bad about being scared.”If you ain’t scared, you ain’t alive” .Bravery is not in being fearless but facing those fears,just looking them into their face so that they can no more scare you.

C)“You’ve got to earn your mark by doing something bigger than yourself.” .And is it really possible to do something bigger than ourselves?What an achievement do we feel when we do something which we thought we would never be able to do.The day we do something we think is beyond our strength,we have earned a mark because on death bed we have the satisfaction of doing something extraordinary.

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D)Change your perspective and you could be good friends.Arlo initially thought him to be responsible for his father’s death but he found a friend who protected him in this whole journey.

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E)Your strength doesn’t depend your size.

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F)“A single kindness can change everything.”He saved his friend’s life till the end.

Its only when Arlo was left alone ,he could discover his underlying strength and making a mark was not at all easy,he had to face a lot of problems,but most importantly he learned from difficulties and  moved on.In the end he was a different person,and was proud that he finally made a mark.




What is Life?


Life is an ocean,

When dived deep to discover the gems

Life is a sky,

When killing all fears you just fly

Life is a bestseller,

When each page is written with commitment

Life is a beautiful garden,

When each act of yours blooms like a flower and spreads the fragrance

Life is a beautiful painting,

When filled with varied colors in accurate proportions

Life is an amusing play,

When lived joyfully throughout

Life is a beautiful journey,

When you start loving yourself.

ज़िन्दगी की किताब

ज़िन्दगी की किताब में रोज़ एक नया पन्ना लिखा जाता

कुछ पन्ने खली होते तो कुछ भरे

कुछ सफ़ेद तो कुछ रंगीन

पन्ने पलट के देखोगे तो पाओगे क्या खोया क्या पाया

कहीं मिलना कहीं बिछुड़ना

कुछ खट्टी मीठी यादें

पन्नो के बिच रखे गुलाब की महक

किसी खास की याद दिलाती

कुछ पन्नो पे स्याही गिरी

उन धुंदली यादों की बिसात देती

कुछ अधूरे पन्ने

जिन्हें भरने की खाविश आज भी है

कुछ फटे पन्ने

उन कडवी यादोंको भुलाने की कोशिश

पर जाने वो अक्षर पन्नो पर नहीं

दिल पे लिखे हों

कुछ भीगे से पन्ने

की अब उन्हें पलटना बहुत मुश्किल हो गया है

बस कुछ और पन्ने लिखने बाकि है

कहीं पुराने पन्नो की सोच में

नए की लिखावट न ख़राब हो जाये

क्यूंकि हर पन्ना अच्हा होगा 

तो ही किताब संपूण कहलाएगी

दिल से लिखा होगा गर तो  हर अक्षर स्वर्ण कहलायेगा

Food Waste

I was always fussy about eating food at my home always troubling my mom for eating only my favorite foods,until I went to hostel where I could realize the importance of food.Now I eat every food with a feeling of thankfulness towards God.The habit of mine being choosy about my food was so much responsible for much wastage of food.
Our team used to go out for lunch often.I was the only vegetarian there,so my dish was always wasted because I being the only one to eat that particular dish.This caused so much of wastage of food.All of us actually do so , we order more than required and that food gets wasted.One of my friends was very particular about not wasting food,she used to get the food packed and carry with her.Then she used to either eat it in the dinner or give it to some poor.I learned from her that how we can prevent wastage of food in restaurants.
That’s really a very good idea which we all can follow.
How many times at our home we throw away bread or eatables because nobody is willing to eat.

Here are some tips you can use to help prevent food wastage-

1.Think of a hungry person before throwing away food.
2.Take less food in your plate,if you require more then take again.Don’t fill your plate in one go.
3.You can give old chappati or bread to street dogs and animals.(not the stinky food which could cause food poisoning).
4.Get grocery items in small quantity.
5.Try to first finish off the things you already have then buy new things.
6.Efficiently use the left over vegetables to make some new recipe.
7.Overeating is also a kind of food wastage.
8.Get the leftover food packed when you go to restaurant and give it to some poor or your maid.

Share more tips which you think can prevent food wastage.

Wasting life

Life is so wonderful,
But we waste it..
Grudging over the past,fearing for the future,
When there is so much to do in the present.
Complaining all the time,
When there is so much to be thankful for.
Trying to correct others,
When we need to correct within.
Judging others wearing a black coat,
When we ourselves are not perfect.
Seeing the black n white life,
When its all colorful.
Getting angry on petty matters,
When there is so much love to spread.
Competing with others,
When life is not a race.
Trying to be like others,
When you are the best the way you are.
Trying to become modern wearing latest trends,
When modernity lies in the mind.
Greed of money increasing day by day,
When one day death will take all that away.
Showing off your wealth,
When there is a poor crying at the corner.
Thinking only about ourselves,
When others are thinking about us.
Feeling that everybody is bad,
When there are so many angels around you.
See the kind of life we are living,
Without any worth and any meaning.
Is it for money,food,sleep the man is made for,
Think , ponder what we do as humans.
The life has become so artificial,
Only robots moving around.
The journey will be beautiful n cool
If u know the right road n traffic rule.