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4 Things a teacher can learn from Bhagwat Gita


1.Listen to the students-Lord Krishna very patiently listened to Arjun when he was demotivated.Listening will help you know more about your student and the teacher student relationship also strengthens.While listening don’t judge your student,neither be angry on his works.Just understand that he is on his way of learning and he will commit mistakes.

2.Satiate the hunger of inquisitive minds-A teacher should feel very enthusiastic in answering the inquisitive minds and should not be irritated if the student asks more questions.Lord Krishna very patiently answered all questions that were arising in the mind of Arjuna.

3.Answer with validation and reasoning-A student can’t believe in anything you say.He needs a proper reasoning of Why or Why not?Reasoning should be given on your own experience or based on some logic.Find different creative ways of answering a problem.A student should not be taught to just assume things and answers should not just be imposed on him without proper validation and logic.In Bhagwata Gita, Lord Krishna put his points with full validation and reasoning and convinced Arjuna in every possible way.

4.Build a trust relationship with students-Lord Krishna and Arjuna depicted the best student teacher relationship where Arjuna had complete trust on Lord Krishna.Build a relationship with students so that after getting lessons from you they have a strong belief that  the success is for sure and there is no point of defeat.Because at the end their success and their happiness is something that is going to give you immense satisfaction.

When a parent sends their children to school they are actually sending their dreams to you to come true and fulfilling somebody’s dream is a great job.