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How much does Yoga matter?

YogaWhen we talk about Yoga,first man whose image occupies our mind is “Ramdev Baba”.He sort of reached each and every household through his daily TV show in the morning.He challenged the so called incurable diseases for which Allopathic treatmnt just showed its helpless face.We Indians always have the mentality that spending more money,going to a renowned doctor will surely cure our disease , but something like Yoga would cure our diseases is rather difficult to accept.How could rubbing our nails , grow hair on head or doing stomach in or out could cause miracles.It appears more like a circus,when Ramdev Baba performs on stage which can be clapped for but not tried.

And for youth ,Yoga is something that is done in old age and for the people who are sick.Youth would rather go to Gym or do aerobics to keep themselves fit .The cool environment of Gym with the energetic music playing in the background and the flexibility to excercise anytime of the day would attract youth more rather than the dull,oldies group of people doing Yoga.But , I liked the idea  of one of the gurus “Sri Sri Ravishankar” ji who has made it really cool through his Art of Living courses especially designed for youth.

Yoga is popular in India only for Foreigners and Indians are busy making money out of it.Life of an ordinary shopkeeper in Rishikesh changed when he started teaching Yoga to foreigners at his home.One of the couples  in  my Apartment left their MBA job and started an online portal to attract Foreigners to learn Yoga and meditation .Foreigners come to India,stay at their home and learn Yoga and meditation and in return pay heavy  donations for the so called free Yoga and Meditation course.

So what does Yoga mean in true sense?

Yoga doesn’t mean only exercising , it is the synchronizing of our body with nature.Have you ever noticed that whenever we do anything against nature,nature revolts back.Whenever we don’t sit or work in correct posture,our backbone aches,whenever we feel tense our blood pressure rises,if we don’t follow healthy diet,our stomach suffers ailments.So, we fall ill because our body looses sync with nature and to be aligned with nature and to escape punishment of nature we need to follow a routine which is given by nature. All the answers to the problems lies with nature.Gautam Buddha , got answers sitting in this very nature when he discovered that the whole universe is working according to nature.

Yoga means union – the union of body with consciousness and consciousness with the soul.”

Why should a completely healthy youth who exercises and plays  various games etc. should do Yoga?

Have you ever noticed the breathing pattern when you are angry?It becomes fast,it means you are doing something against nature and it will harm you.Yoga makes you wise enough to know when you are harming yourself and to become master of your mind.It helps you get that hidden treasure,which you are not even aware of.It tells the real meaning of life,if you seek for.It improves your concentration and you perform best in your everyday life.It’s not about shunning your daily responsibilities but about performing them more dilligently.Some of the famous people like Mahatma Gandhi,Albert Einstien have followed this path.Albert Einstein was spiritually awakened and thus gave humanity a precious gift.He had discovered his true self. He said-

“Still there are moments when one feels free from one’s own identification with human limitations and inadequacies. At such moments, one imagines that one stands on some spot of a small planet, gazing in amazement at the cold yet profoundly moving beauty of the eternal, the unfathomable: life and death flow into one, and there is neither evolution nor destiny; only being.  “

Other benefits of Yoga are-

-The body, mind and energies of an individual attain absolute harmony with the existence.

-You gain mastery over your energies,like getting your batteries charged..Your creativity and ability to perform enhances and your performance improves incomparably without much of extra effort.

So,is not sitting in meditation,being thoughtless,so boring?

When you go to a hill station to the first time,you are spell bound by the beauty of nature .Do you think anything at that moment ? No.It’s because a new experience is very fascinating.Now if I tell you to meditate on a Mantra daily,it will become boring to you.Meditation is like listening to inner sounds daily and they are all new each day,that makes the meditation very interesting and enjoyable.

“Prayer is when you talk to God and Meditation is when God talks to you”.

Everyday in meditation is a new experience,like removing the covers from the true self for it being revealed to you one day.So experiment it and feel your true self of being.