When Papa became a Hero

I am Rashi. Me and my husband Rakshit have a sweet little daughter Ananya, who is 5 years old. She is a total Papa’s pampered daughter .Ananya is just a sweet little angel!!!! But in this small age she has the wisdom of an elderly and that’s why people around had to think twice before speaking to her.She has a big mouth which could leave one embarrassed in any situation.

It was Sunday evening and we came back after watching movie “Haider”. Rakshit was quiet influenced by Shahid’s looks and told me that he wants to look like Shahid Kapoor in the movie “Haider” .HaiderShahid

So he decided that he won’t shave now and asked about my views. I said ,”It’s ok, its your decision , but don’t be in a false conception that you are going to get Katrina or Kareena”. We duo burst out in laughter.

Rakshit got so obsessed with his idea of growing beard that he used to admire himself daily in the mirror as if he was near to becoming a Bollywood star. Ananya somehow didn’t like his beard.Earlier they used to rub their cheeks with each other ,kissed each other,but now Ananya used to run away from him saying papa has become a cactus.After few days Ananya stopped going near Rakshit.Though,Rakshit had started feeling bad about it, but he was much more engrossed in his dream of becoming a hero .One day Ananya came to us telling that there was Annual Day celebration in her school and parents were invited. She had participated in a mono acting competition.

Rakshit had grown his cactus fully.I told Rakshit to please shave and come back to his normal looks and we had to attend Ananya’s annual function also. Meanwhile Ananya came and told Rakshit”Papa please don’t come to my Annual day with this cactus look,my friends will tease me”.

Rakshit felt quite upset, he had to make a choice between his daughter and his passion.He thought about it for whole night and finally decided to shave and attend her daughters function,though his heart was sunken inside.

On the annual day,Mamma and Papa reached to see their little child perform.Rashi was quiet excited but Rakshit seemed to be in a lost world.Ananya presented her Mono acting and her theme was “Love for Papa”. Rakshit had tears in his eyes after watching her little daughter , his heart was melting and the remorse of shaving was slowly getting washed away. After the act, Rakshit ran to the stage and hugged his daughter, the whole audience applauded.He felt that though he could not become Shahid kapoor but he had become a Hero in the eyes of her daughter,that feeling was just greater than any other feeling.The judges declared Ananaya as the winner and Raksit was honored as most well groomed father in the audience.The three had their family pic with the trophy and that picture still reminds me when a well groomed look ensured that they struck gold on an opportunity given to them.

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What is Life?


Life is an ocean,

When dived deep to discover the gems

Life is a sky,

When killing all fears you just fly

Life is a bestseller,

When each page is written with commitment

Life is a beautiful garden,

When each act of yours blooms like a flower and spreads the fragrance

Life is a beautiful painting,

When filled with varied colors in accurate proportions

Life is an amusing play,

When lived joyfully throughout

Life is a beautiful journey,

When you start loving yourself.

Rajnikanth’s Wedding Plan

Baggout Blogging Contest

It was Sunday and I was quiet busy with my family as it is the only day I get free from my hectic schedule of planning and coordinating weddings. Suddenly, I got a call on my mobile .I heard a hoarse voice which said,” I am Rajnikant’s secretary,he would like to talk to you for planning out his wedding”. I jumped from my seat,”WOO HOO!!!!”it was a dream come true.The next voice I was going to hear was of “Thalaiva”, my favorite celebrity. I was bouncing off the walls.I was shivering with excitement while we talked over phone-


Rajnikant-“Hi!I have heard you are a good event planner,would you like to plan my wedding.”

Me-“That’s my pleasure sir. When is that special day ?”

Rajnikanth-“It’s on 11th December 1956”.

Me-“Oh,so we would also need a time machine,because we are in year 2014”.”Sir,Would you like to suggest some idea of venue and how the things should be?”

Rajnikanth-“See,marriages are made in heaven but I want it to be made on Mars”.

Me-“What an amazing idea sir and baggout has some of the best deals to make your wedding experience a magnificent one on Mars.”

Rajnikanth-“Thanks,let me search about baggout. But what about the expense of wedding on Mars?”


Me-“Sir,you need not worry about the expenses, because baggout gives best of the deals which can really help one to have everything in one’s budget.”

Rajnikanth-“Ok, then plan accordingly and get back to me as soon as possible”.

Me-“Sure Sir,bye”.

It was a great challenge for me to plan wedding for an actor like “Rajnikanth” ,who is full of supernatural powers. But I also had a Magic wand called “baggout” in my hand which made things a child’s play.This is how I planned his wedding-

Pre wedding-

1.I started with Bridegrooms attire, which had to be special ,well suited with Mars climate. I ordered it from Myntra.com and got 15% cash back.It was one of the best deals offered on any website.


2.Then I ordered bridegrooms sun glasses ,which he wears to protect the sun from his rage . He often reverse-back flip-with-180-turn of his sunglasses as he puts them on.Such sunglasses could only be found on Shopclues.com on which I got 20% cashback. What an amazing deal!!!


3 .It is said that a vein runs directly from your wedding finger to the heart.I bought two diamond rings for connecting the same from suratdiamond.com which offered buy 1 get 1 free offer.

  1. After making a list of guests,I ordered wedding invitations from home shop18.These were special wedding invitations which would fly on their own to their destinations. A nice deal indeed!!
  2. I made all arrangement to reach Mars and booked tickets through Makemytrip.com which gave special discounts on stay in “floating hotel” with the tickets.I also booked a wedding photographer who could videograph the special effects given by “God of south Indian films” on the special day.


Wedding day-

After a few miles of journey everybody landed on Mars with Rajnikanth.


The wedding hall was majestically floating in air. The guests had started arriving.I had made all the arrangement for greeting guests through beautiful flowers ordered from fernsnpetals with light music at the background.

Now, it was time to cut the wedding cake ,the wedding cake depicted some of the best moments captured in the form of pics of the bride and the groom together.Then everybody had the palatable food which was ordered at very cheap prices from just-eat.in.

The guests after the whole ceremony were departed with beautiful gifts bought from rediff shopandgift which gave me around 20% cashback on each item.

Post wedding-

After saving so much money from deals on Baggout,I could gift the honeymoon package to Rajnikanth Sir just free of cost.Expedia.com arranged for 3 nights and 4 days on moon from where he had sent me a message of “Thanks” and a pic too.



After he came back,he gifted me a Tablet which he bought from ebay .He called me and  said”Thanks for telling me about such a wonderful site baggout,it has changed my life completely.I buy a gift for my wife only from baggout and I get such amazing deals too”.


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Zest up your life!!!!

Life is meant to be flowing like water with some tides which throw you high up and make you feel rejuvenated.I believe that we need to have those special moments in life which make us rejuvenated and happy spirits.I would like to list the top 5 things that add zest to my life and make my life magical.

1.Kick Start my Morning-


I always believe mornings are special moments to make one rejuvenated.That’s why I start my mornings with nature walk,Yoga and moments of silence.The mornings really make me enthusiastic for life.The peaceful moments,chirping of birds,deep breathing the fresh air in the form of positivity ,the first rays of sun energize my body and mind.The way I start my day determines how the rest of my day will treat me and it really treats me with great positivity and happiness.

2.Adventurous Experiences-


Life is incomplete without an adventure.Its always a great experience to plan an adventure tour on holidays and exploring life with gusto.The adventure for me ranges from learning driving a car,taking a flight for the first time,going to a water park and trying for difficult rides,climbing a small hill or climbing a tree.These little adventures don’t require you to go to far off places and are also very economical 🙂 Obviously,once I finish off with my list of nearby and economical adventures I would surely like to try Skiing,Scuba diving,Scuba diving etcetera etcetera..

3.Take up an initiative


I take up a challenging task or an innovative idea and set a deadline for me to implement it. I take up different initiatives like planting 100 trees in my apartment area with the help of other residents in a day,teaching the kid of my maid and helping him write his name in 1 week.I have also started a foundation which helps under privileged  students and brings educational reforms.These small initiatives just give true meaning to my life.

4.Visiting  my hometown-


Getting together with family and friends is always very rejuvenating.It makes you walk down the memory lane with the aroma of the beautiful moments of your childhood. The memorable days spent with friends,the place where you and your friend used to have Golgappas daily,the place where you played your childhood games and did betting for winning,the place where friends together played holi and danced in rain.Oh!! these feelings just make you nostalgic.Then most importantly having food filled with love from the most adorable person , my mother.

5.Pen down my thoughts-Mind is a little scanner which transforms thoughts into words.It  always makes me feel rejuvenated to write something I love, something that has come as a ripple in the ocean of my thoughts,something that lifts up my spirits high and when thoughts touch other peoples hearts then that makes me feel just wonderful.

And in the end I would share that writing this post has just Zest up my Life!!!thumb

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Soul is resurrected

When the dreams of your soul can no more be confided,

When the love in your heart can no longer be subsided,

When the hunger for success has already been fulfilled,

When the hatred feeling can just not be admitted,

When the competitive world is obliterated,

When the remorse is bygone and buried,

When everything except you seems to be dissolved,

When the dead child in you gets fully revived,

When the glow of your happy face can’t be denied,

When in the silence your faith is acknowledged,

Then the soul is free and resurrected.

Ruchika Batra

7 Amazing Motivational Links

Taking out some time for ourselves is what we miss everyday.Sometimes a small beautiful quote or a poem can brighten up your day,an inspirational book can guide you to right path and a website link  shared here can make you happy.

Let us visit some positive places on the internet.

1)Calm.com  A website with soothing music and beautiful natural scenery running behind it guides  you with minutes of peace and meditation .You will surely like it.


2)24 Magnificent Tumblr Picture Quotes To Motivate & Inspire You 


3)Awesome things This site is about little joys in life.



4)Top 10 Inspirational Books 

5)Something which will really make you Smile


6)Top 100 Inspirational Quotes

7)Belief Net   A great place to find Quotes,inspirational and spirituality talks .It  also answers health related queries.It is one of the best spiritual sites.



A Leap into Future Shopping Era

“The Chocolate volcano had erupted in the city. Wow!! That’s amazing. ” the dream broke with the alarm clock buzz. I wish I had bought Dream Recorder last week from eBay discounted deals. I lifted my clumsy body for a second and lied down again, just then RoboMeena bai knocked  on the door with the morning tea. Me and my husband had the first sip of the day and suddenly heard   a crackling sound from the other room. We rushed to it and Lo!! RoboMeena  had broken our window glass while cleaning.

”I told you this dumb one had the outdated software in it, I wish I had RoboGinnie, one which Mrs.Sharma has”, I grudged. ”Don’t worry, I will surely order it from eBay this weekend”, he  consoled.

Naisha, my daughter just got up from all the Ballyhoo going on. I pretended to her as nothing had happened and told her to get ready for the school. We all sat for the breakfast, I wore my GloboTech Glasses (head mounted display) and with a swipe of my hand gesture, opened the time-table of my daughter on the wall just in front of our dining table. I discussed with her whether she had done all her homework and not forgotten to carry any digi notebooks where she had saved her homework .She reminded me to buy a book, her friend had. Her father promptly asked about what the book was all about .” Papa I want to buy an intelliEncylopedia, it can search what I imagine.”

We all got ready and jumped into our RoboGlider car. It told us about the shortest route it was taking. On the way, my e-wallet, which I bought last month alerted me that I was short of money. I ignored and opened my transparent e-book reader, which was my birthday gift and started reading books from the cloud. The car stopped at the Red light and the RoboGlider car told the RoboJumbo car just behind us to keep a distance as there was a probability of getting bumped.

Well, it was Friday and weekend was rolling around, there were a lot of agendas on my to-do list. The household chores, a big shopping list as Diwali was around the corner, Naisha’s birthday, holiday outings etc etc. . Suddenly the car stopped.  “We have reached the office”, RoboGlider told us. The day ended like any other hectic day..

The other day started with a lazy morning, thought to start my day with little exercise and jogging. On the way I met my friend, we exchanged some chitchat and suddenly a stranger interrupted “You have burnt 80 calories”.  ”Who was it?”.  “My TechSport   shoes, I bought last week, they also alert me of my speed of running and my heart rate. Hey! Did you notice my e-tracksuit, it alerts me if I stretch more during exercise. I avoid injuries this way “Oh!!! that’s great”, I smiled  and in my mind  planned to add it in my shopping list.

I came back and put my hand on the door, it scanned my fingerprints and let me in. I went inside. My husband completely lost in TV, lying down putting his hands on his pot-bellied stomach which grew 1-inch almost every day.” Will buy the talking belt for him which would at least make him realize to make some effort to reduce it”, Thought myself. He was soon disturbed by Naisha. She had a new demand for the day. “Papa, I want to buy a gift for my friend, tomorrow is her Birthday” .He quickly opened eBay Virtual shopping portal with his hand gesture on front wall and provided the details for the gifts. She chose to buy perfume. One by one they tried the testers and liked the aroma of one which she chose for her.

In the meantime, I opened my eBay account where my shopping list got downloaded from my memory and saved in the eBay wish list.

It was afternoon and after having lunch we started planning our trip in upcoming 4 holidays. After discussing a lot of destinations we came to a conclusion to visit Space this time. I wore my GloboTech Glasses and searched on my hand for the latest offers on space suits and other essentials for the visit and ordered them from eBay. “Mamma what are the plans for Diwali?”, Naisha interrupted. I had already thought to buy a smart kitchen for my home, which I couldn’t buy last year being low on my budget. A smart kitchen is a complete package of smart Refrigerator which would help me know when I am low on groceries, Microwave with an easy talking interface, Almirah to keep record of all food items and a gas burner to alert if Milk is spilled or vegetables are overcooked and then whenever I am short on any food items, Kitchen Boss server will order it from automated shopping portal of eBay. Oh! life will be so easy, no hassles of remembering so many things.

I told her we will visit the shopping mall for the latest products exhibition and then plan something. We visited the exhibition whose major highlight was “the memory chip for human brain-Biodigital Brain”. That was just a fantasy, I could perform tasks in just blink of an eye, manage work and family, forget nothing, know about my health problems and what not.

That night I just dreamt of being a superwomen flying high in the world beyond imaginations.

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