When Papa became a Hero

I am Rashi. Me and my husband Rakshit have a sweet little daughter Ananya, who is 5 years old. She is a total Papa’s pampered daughter .Ananya is just a sweet little angel!!!! But in this small age she has the wisdom of an elderly and that’s why people around had to think twice before speaking to her.She has a big mouth which could leave one embarrassed in any situation.

It was Sunday evening and we came back after watching movie “Haider”. Rakshit was quiet influenced by Shahid’s looks and told me that he wants to look like Shahid Kapoor in the movie “Haider” .HaiderShahid

So he decided that he won’t shave now and asked about my views. I said ,”It’s ok, its your decision , but don’t be in a false conception that you are going to get Katrina or Kareena”. We duo burst out in laughter.

Rakshit got so obsessed with his idea of growing beard that he used to admire himself daily in the mirror as if he was near to becoming a Bollywood star. Ananya somehow didn’t like his beard.Earlier they used to rub their cheeks with each other ,kissed each other,but now Ananya used to run away from him saying papa has become a cactus.After few days Ananya stopped going near Rakshit.Though,Rakshit had started feeling bad about it, but he was much more engrossed in his dream of becoming a hero .One day Ananya came to us telling that there was Annual Day celebration in her school and parents were invited. She had participated in a mono acting competition.

Rakshit had grown his cactus fully.I told Rakshit to please shave and come back to his normal looks and we had to attend Ananya’s annual function also. Meanwhile Ananya came and told Rakshit”Papa please don’t come to my Annual day with this cactus look,my friends will tease me”.

Rakshit felt quite upset, he had to make a choice between his daughter and his passion.He thought about it for whole night and finally decided to shave and attend her daughters function,though his heart was sunken inside.

On the annual day,Mamma and Papa reached to see their little child perform.Rashi was quiet excited but Rakshit seemed to be in a lost world.Ananya presented her Mono acting and her theme was “Love for Papa”. Rakshit had tears in his eyes after watching her little daughter , his heart was melting and the remorse of shaving was slowly getting washed away. After the act, Rakshit ran to the stage and hugged his daughter, the whole audience applauded.He felt that though he could not become Shahid kapoor but he had become a Hero in the eyes of her daughter,that feeling was just greater than any other feeling.The judges declared Ananaya as the winner and Raksit was honored as most well groomed father in the audience.The three had their family pic with the trophy and that picture still reminds me when a well groomed look ensured that they struck gold on an opportunity given to them.

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