Teaching thoughts

Teaching gives me immense pleasure,whether it be a nursery kid or a college student,the enthusiasm is same.After getting MCA degree I chose to join an IT firm which almost everybody does.Initial months were more of learning and adjusting in such a professional environment.

The first lesson of professionalism given on very first day was to address your seniors by their names,no didis and bhaiyas.At first it appeared quiet impolite to me,we are always taught from our childhood days to respect our elders and suddenly a new rule was really difficult to digest.

Then training period began, my friend was given mainframe and me java batch.Now we both were more concerned in being in same batch rather than thinking of the technology..girls are too funny(how mad we were).We talked to the concerned authority for keeping us in the same batch,now who will take care of emotions of two silly,poor friends in such a professional world.It was silly too.Sometimes we become unnecessary emotional.

After the training was over,the real professional world came in.A new character boss came in with his furious deadlines,strict working hours no place for sympathy,warning if we don’t complete our deadlines he will give poor grades.Everybody is working there just to improve his grades and get promotion as early as possible on any cost.

Then after 2 years I joined teaching in college and the world out there is completely different,i don’t work hard there to improve my grades but to improve the grades of my students.While teaching I get so engrossed that i forget everything,i get immense happiness with my students.

A teacher can never be professional,whatever a teacher does should be in sole benefit of the student.A teacher should be more like a friend so that students can easily share their problems,she should enjoy teaching because only then students can get interest in her subject.You all must have noticed that a good teacher or favorite teacher makes a subject favorite.In my school days I liked my english teacher most and the subject too because of her and hated drawing teacher because she used to throw away my copy for not making a good drawing.I have seen some teachers who out of their some personal problems with the students deduct their marks or some teachers who force the students to join their tuitions.Such teachers are not true to be called teachers because a teacher can’t be selfish.A teachers sole purpose is to work only for the best of the students with no selfish interest.May our country produces more of ¬†good teachers,teachers play a great role in development of the society and make a better nation.

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.