Should husbands still be treated as Patidevs?

It has been long since the men of our country are given the designation “patidev” or “God of Wife” .Most of our Indian Gods have specific days assigned to be prayed like Monday for mahadev,Tuesday for hanumanji,Saturay for shanidev.But everyday for” patidev”.Though a complete day is also dedicated to husbands,the “Karvachauth” which is more an occasion of shopping than a fasting.

A lady working in an MNC, comes after a day long tiring job and then starts working for her family,serves them food,looks after the kids and in the end she has no time left for herself.This wouldn’t have been her situation if she had a helping hand of her husband.But what should the poor husband do,he is actually not accustomed to do house-hold works since childhood.He has been a person who would not even care to pick his glass of water or pick his plate after a dinner .He used to throw his wet  towel on the bed after a bath.His mother or sister never made him feel to take that pain.The final result-a pampered husband.

It’s fun when you work together as a family be it earning or doing household chores.I have seen many boys who feel ashamed helping their wives in kitchen and many girls too who feel ashamed that their husband does household work.What is so bad about it.What is wrong in doing work for your own and  others sometimes.And Girls , what is wrong in taking out some time for yourself,everybody has hobbies and passions.Family is your world but there is also a world outside which is waiting to give wings to your dreams, a world which is knitted with your aspirations,ambitions and where you have created your own wonderland.Why be so much entangled in relationships that you have no time for yourself.Love your family,but love yourself sometimes too because when you are happy you can create a beautiful world around you.