Revitalising Patriotism

Lets remember the last holiday we had..ya you have sharp memory it was 26 January.This is how most of us treat the day as ,whether it be a Republic day or Independence day. Its a day which we begin by getting up late,then demanding  some special dish from mom like kadi chawal ,freaking out with friends.At my home it used to be a little different,my father used to listen to patriotic songs on radio and also inspired us to watch the republic day parade.At school it was like doing march past after many days practice,singing some patriotic songs,a boring speech and the last and the most awaited getting sweets.I am not telling you to be patriotic on these days,patriotism is a feeling which should dwell in you forever.
And you are patriotic as you are reading these lines.You are patriotic when you see cricket match and pray for your country .You are patriotic when you hear a terrorist attack or a bomb blast.But we forget patriotism when its time to cast vote,when we throw garbage on the road,when we wear the T-shirt quoting “I love America” or with American flag, when we differentiate people on the basis of religion and caste,when we take and give bribe,when we ask for a separate state,when we keep our state first then country.
We need not be in Army or Navy to do something for our country.We can just love it as our motherland.As we never disrespect our mother,even if your mother is old and poor we don’t leave her and go to a neighborhood mother who is richer.We can just be proud of its rich heritage,culture,the great people who lived here and its peace loving nature as our country never attacked any country.We can just keep our surroundings clean,we can become a good neighbor.We can give equal respect to all religions and castes.We can just take a simple responsibility of not causing any harm to our country in any respect.We can’t end corruption but atleast raise our voice against it.We cant end poverty but atleast help some poor. Youth of today is getting far away from the concept of patriotism.Parents and schools should take the responsibility to engrave the feeling of patriotism in them.If we all take some responsibilities then APJ’s “Vision for the India in New Millennium” is not far from becoming true and as he says – “Dream,Dream,Dream ….dreams do come true”.
Lets be a good citizen.Jai Hind!!!