Rajnikanth’s Wedding Plan

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It was Sunday and I was quiet busy with my family as it is the only day I get free from my hectic schedule of planning and coordinating weddings. Suddenly, I got a call on my mobile .I heard a hoarse voice which said,” I am Rajnikant’s secretary,he would like to talk to you for planning out his wedding”. I jumped from my seat,”WOO HOO!!!!”it was a dream come true.The next voice I was going to hear was of “Thalaiva”, my favorite celebrity. I was bouncing off the walls.I was shivering with excitement while we talked over phone-


Rajnikant-“Hi!I have heard you are a good event planner,would you like to plan my wedding.”

Me-“That’s my pleasure sir. When is that special day ?”

Rajnikanth-“It’s on 11th December 1956”.

Me-“Oh,so we would also need a time machine,because we are in year 2014”.”Sir,Would you like to suggest some idea of venue and how the things should be?”

Rajnikanth-“See,marriages are made in heaven but I want it to be made on Mars”.

Me-“What an amazing idea sir and baggout has some of the best deals to make your wedding experience a magnificent one on Mars.”

Rajnikanth-“Thanks,let me search about baggout. But what about the expense of wedding on Mars?”


Me-“Sir,you need not worry about the expenses, because baggout gives best of the deals which can really help one to have everything in one’s budget.”

Rajnikanth-“Ok, then plan accordingly and get back to me as soon as possible”.

Me-“Sure Sir,bye”.

It was a great challenge for me to plan wedding for an actor like “Rajnikanth” ,who is full of supernatural powers. But I also had a Magic wand called “baggout” in my hand which made things a child’s play.This is how I planned his wedding-

Pre wedding-

1.I started with Bridegrooms attire, which had to be special ,well suited with Mars climate. I ordered it from and got 15% cash back.It was one of the best deals offered on any website.


2.Then I ordered bridegrooms sun glasses ,which he wears to protect the sun from his rage . He often reverse-back flip-with-180-turn of his sunglasses as he puts them on.Such sunglasses could only be found on on which I got 20% cashback. What an amazing deal!!!


3 .It is said that a vein runs directly from your wedding finger to the heart.I bought two diamond rings for connecting the same from which offered buy 1 get 1 free offer.

  1. After making a list of guests,I ordered wedding invitations from home shop18.These were special wedding invitations which would fly on their own to their destinations. A nice deal indeed!!
  2. I made all arrangement to reach Mars and booked tickets through which gave special discounts on stay in “floating hotel” with the tickets.I also booked a wedding photographer who could videograph the special effects given by “God of south Indian films” on the special day.


Wedding day-

After a few miles of journey everybody landed on Mars with Rajnikanth.


The wedding hall was majestically floating in air. The guests had started arriving.I had made all the arrangement for greeting guests through beautiful flowers ordered from fernsnpetals with light music at the background.

Now, it was time to cut the wedding cake ,the wedding cake depicted some of the best moments captured in the form of pics of the bride and the groom together.Then everybody had the palatable food which was ordered at very cheap prices from

The guests after the whole ceremony were departed with beautiful gifts bought from rediff shopandgift which gave me around 20% cashback on each item.

Post wedding-

After saving so much money from deals on Baggout,I could gift the honeymoon package to Rajnikanth Sir just free of arranged for 3 nights and 4 days on moon from where he had sent me a message of “Thanks” and a pic too.



After he came back,he gifted me a Tablet which he bought from ebay .He called me and  said”Thanks for telling me about such a wonderful site baggout,it has changed my life completely.I buy a gift for my wife only from baggout and I get such amazing deals too”.


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