Power of thoughts behind success

We always think our destiny or “Bhagya” is something which is not under our control.We often say though I worked hard,I didn’t succeed, it was predestined.But we never realize that we only are the creator of our own destiny.

Today what we are,is the result of our past actions and thoughts.If today I am a rich man,its because I thought about it and worked upon it.If today I am a failure its because either I didn’t work hard or worked with negative thoughts in my mind.Sometimes we work hard for the exam but don’t get the desired result.The reason is we study with a lot of fear and pressure in our mind.This decreases the productivity of our mind.This is how your thoughts affect your life.

So how can we fulfill our goals and draw towards us the best.This is as-

If we are alert to opportunities that will satisfy our most serious vision (ambition) in life, it is surprising how often these opportunities will tend to come themselves in front of us. These are the rules of attraction – the most mysterious ways by which on one side your need and on the other, its fulfillment are drawn together.

1.Create your vision (ambition). Identify your goals, objectives and tasks.

2.Make yourself a magnet. This means having faith that you will get the suitable opportunities to fulfill your vision and recognize the signs they are giving you – which may not be direct. Look out for such signs with patience, and act on them when they come.

3.In order to fulfill our vision, we must not become too “attached” to our targets. This is not a sign of weak-mindedness or a lack of commitment: rather it is a sign of wisdom. By “letting go” (becoming detached) of our goals or objectives, we become more relaxed in our attitude toward them. The journey is no longer tiring and stressful, because we don’t have to struggle, life’s circumstances will present us with the right opportunities.

Every great person in this world is Great because he knew the Secret of  life.The secret of creating his destiny,achieving all the things that he wanted by the power of his thoughts.