Anger Management

For some time therapists have believed that anger is OK – in fact, many therapists still believe that it’s good to get angry once in a while. Around fifteen years ago in Japan it was discovered that around 10,000 executives were dying every year from overwork and they found the cause to be excessive, but suppressed, anger. So they created ‘anger rooms’ in the basements of their offices, padded the walls and put a baseball bat in the room. They told executives, that if they felt anger developing inside them they should go to the room and just hit the walls with the bat as hard, and as much, as they wanted in order to get the anger out of their system. Two years later they measured the results. The amount of anger had increased. Why? After much thinking they finally realized that people who were going to the rooms regularly were practicing getting angry and simply repeating the habit. The message – don’t suppress and don’t express your anger – transform it.

Some wrong notions which we have acquired which we use to justify our anger-

1) I do not get angry. The actions of others make me so.
Fact: At all times, and in all places you and only you are the creator of your thoughts and feelings and are completely responsible for them, not anyone else.

2) I need to use anger to motivate others.
Fact: Trust and respect, the foundations (basis) of any relationship, at home or in the office, are never built by anger. In the long term, angry outbursts damage any leadership qualities you may have. Anger kills motivation within oneself and will most probably negatively influence others’ motivation.

Steps to manage anger

1)Don’t express or suppress your anger instead transform it by creating positive thoughts at that moment.
2)Practice meditation and yoga.
3)Self Counseling-
Stop hurting yourself, for that is what you do when you get upset or angry about anything. How would you counsel (guide) someone who is determined to harm themselves? Similarly, talk to yourself and talk yourself out of the habit of emotional self-harm. What would that conversation with the self sound like?

And finally be thankful for what you have.Life is to rejoice and a precious gift given to you.How can you harm yourself?