What is Life?


Life is an ocean,

When dived deep to discover the gems

Life is a sky,

When killing all fears you just fly

Life is a bestseller,

When each page is written with commitment

Life is a beautiful garden,

When each act of yours blooms like a flower and spreads the fragrance

Life is a beautiful painting,

When filled with varied colors in accurate proportions

Life is an amusing play,

When lived joyfully throughout

Life is a beautiful journey,

When you start loving yourself.


Soul is resurrected

When the dreams of your soul can no more be confided,

When the love in your heart can no longer be subsided,

When the hunger for success has already been fulfilled,

When the hatred feeling can just not be admitted,

When the competitive world is obliterated,

When the remorse is bygone and buried,

When everything except you seems to be dissolved,

When the dead child in you gets fully revived,

When the glow of your happy face can’t be denied,

When in the silence your faith is acknowledged,

Then the soul is free and resurrected.

Ruchika Batra

ज़िन्दगी की किताब

ज़िन्दगी की किताब में रोज़ एक नया पन्ना लिखा जाता

कुछ पन्ने खली होते तो कुछ भरे

कुछ सफ़ेद तो कुछ रंगीन

पन्ने पलट के देखोगे तो पाओगे क्या खोया क्या पाया

कहीं मिलना कहीं बिछुड़ना

कुछ खट्टी मीठी यादें

पन्नो के बिच रखे गुलाब की महक

किसी खास की याद दिलाती

कुछ पन्नो पे स्याही गिरी

उन धुंदली यादों की बिसात देती

कुछ अधूरे पन्ने

जिन्हें भरने की खाविश आज भी है

कुछ फटे पन्ने

उन कडवी यादोंको भुलाने की कोशिश

पर जाने वो अक्षर पन्नो पर नहीं

दिल पे लिखे हों

कुछ भीगे से पन्ने

की अब उन्हें पलटना बहुत मुश्किल हो गया है

बस कुछ और पन्ने लिखने बाकि है

कहीं पुराने पन्नो की सोच में

नए की लिखावट न ख़राब हो जाये

क्यूंकि हर पन्ना अच्हा होगा 

तो ही किताब संपूण कहलाएगी

दिल से लिखा होगा गर तो  हर अक्षर स्वर्ण कहलायेगा

What is true Friendship?

Its holding hands when the souls meet,   
Its the fusion of, two heart beats.

Its beyond any demarcations,
Its beyond any boundations.

Its understanding when nobody speak
Its giving strength when one gets weak

Without words all thoughts and desires shared,
Without speaking everything cared

Its unconditional and true,
Day by day it grows anew.                                                                        

Its beautiful,its divine,                                                                                             
Its love to enshrine

Its forgiving with no condition,
Its loving with full devotion

Its a feeling true and unselfish,
Its giving hope when someone is in anguish

Its liking with no reason,
Sharing smiles every season.


The best gift you can give,
Is to forget and forgive.

Like a mule you carry the burden,
Of the past, which made  your life worsen.

You were hurt by someone,
Who was your close and dear one.

You can’t get off the pain,
Which has made you an insane.

You remember it again and again,
But all that goes in vain.

The time has come to realize,
To forget and forgive is the decision of the wise.

Let go off the pain,
Remembering it will give you no gain.

If you don’t forgive,
You will make your life worthless to live.

You will burn yourself in your own fire,
Bearing consequences which are dire.

Revenge makes your life shattered,
By bringing feelings like jealousy and hatred.

Good thoughts have always brought good life,
But these thoughts have just brought you strife.

Stagnant water always gives foul odur,
Let go the pain and flow with the God’s order.

Learn the lesson of life and forget the past,
Everything is ephemeral,nothing is going to last.

(Forgiveness is not something we do for others. We do it for ourselves to get well and move on.)

Happy Womens Day

She becomes a mother,
When you need love n care.
She becomes a sister,
When you need to oil or brush your hair.
She becomes a friend,
When you have problems n need someone to share.
She becomes a teacher,
When you need advise n solutions are very rare.
She becomes a kid,
When she wants love n care.
She becomes an enemy,
When you fight with her, that you don’t dare.
She becomes an angel,
When you are ill n need care.
But whatever she is,
She is a lady who is all fair.
She is strong, she is bold,
She can hold a life, has a capability to bear.
Keep her in your heart,
She is your important part.
Respect her, love her, she is your life,
She is your soulmate, your life partner, your wife.
Support her because she needs you,
You are the only one in her life n she loves you.


Life is just a mystery,
Sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet as pastry.
Sometimes the path is made of steep hills,
For crossing it you need deep skills.
Some gain success and reach the top,
Some remain there and become flop.
Success is not an easy thing to get,
So mush of hard work remains yet.
Only good people succeed,
who have done a good deed.
Why does everybody not succeed,
Even when sown hard work seed.
Everyone sows seed, but only few grow into tree,
Others may grow into a bush or a shrub, but not a tree.
But whats wrong in being a cactus,
It has may times protected the tree.
Whats the difference, both made by God-the shrub n the tree.
Everybody cant be the star,
Its God’s rule n power.
Everybody can’t be the winner,
Someday the winner may be a looser.
So why to loose hope,
And trudge on life’s rope.
Facing moon’s soothe n scorching sun,
Accepting difficulties with fun.