Parents back to school


Summer vacations are approaching to an end.The “homework” most dreadful thing which spoils the

holidays has to be finished.My neighbor often comes to me for help regarding her kid’s homework in

nursery.She is very tense, daily running to stationery shops for getting one chart or the another . I saw

her school diary and laughed a lot after seeing such an unrealistic homework for a nursery kid – making

a puppet , designing a table mat.

Really its a nightmare for the parents to complete the homework  and tense part is they have to do it

very sincerely because the marks will be added in the tests.Now what about parents who are not

educated or who don’t have time to complete the worry you can outsource it.there are

many assignment specialists in the market,pay them and buy the homework.Now who is leaning from

this homework neither the parents nor the kids.

Really need to change our education system!!!