A Leap into Future Shopping Era

“The Chocolate volcano had erupted in the city. Wow!! That’s amazing. ” the dream broke with the alarm clock buzz. I wish I had bought Dream Recorder last week from eBay discounted deals. I lifted my clumsy body for a second and lied down again, just then RoboMeena bai knocked  on the door with the morning tea. Me and my husband had the first sip of the day and suddenly heard   a crackling sound from the other room. We rushed to it and Lo!! RoboMeena  had broken our window glass while cleaning.

”I told you this dumb one had the outdated software in it, I wish I had RoboGinnie, one which Mrs.Sharma has”, I grudged. ”Don’t worry, I will surely order it from eBay this weekend”, he  consoled.

Naisha, my daughter just got up from all the Ballyhoo going on. I pretended to her as nothing had happened and told her to get ready for the school. We all sat for the breakfast, I wore my GloboTech Glasses (head mounted display) and with a swipe of my hand gesture, opened the time-table of my daughter on the wall just in front of our dining table. I discussed with her whether she had done all her homework and not forgotten to carry any digi notebooks where she had saved her homework .She reminded me to buy a book, her friend had. Her father promptly asked about what the book was all about .” Papa I want to buy an intelliEncylopedia, it can search what I imagine.”

We all got ready and jumped into our RoboGlider car. It told us about the shortest route it was taking. On the way, my e-wallet, which I bought last month alerted me that I was short of money. I ignored and opened my transparent e-book reader, which was my birthday gift and started reading books from the cloud. The car stopped at the Red light and the RoboGlider car told the RoboJumbo car just behind us to keep a distance as there was a probability of getting bumped.

Well, it was Friday and weekend was rolling around, there were a lot of agendas on my to-do list. The household chores, a big shopping list as Diwali was around the corner, Naisha’s birthday, holiday outings etc etc. . Suddenly the car stopped.  “We have reached the office”, RoboGlider told us. The day ended like any other hectic day..

The other day started with a lazy morning, thought to start my day with little exercise and jogging. On the way I met my friend, we exchanged some chitchat and suddenly a stranger interrupted “You have burnt 80 calories”.  ”Who was it?”.  “My TechSport   shoes, I bought last week, they also alert me of my speed of running and my heart rate. Hey! Did you notice my e-tracksuit, it alerts me if I stretch more during exercise. I avoid injuries this way “Oh!!! that’s great”, I smiled  and in my mind  planned to add it in my shopping list.

I came back and put my hand on the door, it scanned my fingerprints and let me in. I went inside. My husband completely lost in TV, lying down putting his hands on his pot-bellied stomach which grew 1-inch almost every day.” Will buy the talking belt for him which would at least make him realize to make some effort to reduce it”, Thought myself. He was soon disturbed by Naisha. She had a new demand for the day. “Papa, I want to buy a gift for my friend, tomorrow is her Birthday” .He quickly opened eBay Virtual shopping portal with his hand gesture on front wall and provided the details for the gifts. She chose to buy perfume. One by one they tried the testers and liked the aroma of one which she chose for her.

In the meantime, I opened my eBay account where my shopping list got downloaded from my memory and saved in the eBay wish list.

It was afternoon and after having lunch we started planning our trip in upcoming 4 holidays. After discussing a lot of destinations we came to a conclusion to visit Space this time. I wore my GloboTech Glasses and searched on my hand for the latest offers on space suits and other essentials for the visit and ordered them from eBay. “Mamma what are the plans for Diwali?”, Naisha interrupted. I had already thought to buy a smart kitchen for my home, which I couldn’t buy last year being low on my budget. A smart kitchen is a complete package of smart Refrigerator which would help me know when I am low on groceries, Microwave with an easy talking interface, Almirah to keep record of all food items and a gas burner to alert if Milk is spilled or vegetables are overcooked and then whenever I am short on any food items, Kitchen Boss server will order it from automated shopping portal of eBay. Oh! life will be so easy, no hassles of remembering so many things.

I told her we will visit the shopping mall for the latest products exhibition and then plan something. We visited the exhibition whose major highlight was “the memory chip for human brain-Biodigital Brain”. That was just a fantasy, I could perform tasks in just blink of an eye, manage work and family, forget nothing, know about my health problems and what not.

That night I just dreamt of being a superwomen flying high in the world beyond imaginations.

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