Food Waste

I was always fussy about eating food at my home always troubling my mom for eating only my favorite foods,until I went to hostel where I could realize the importance of food.Now I eat every food with a feeling of thankfulness towards God.The habit of mine being choosy about my food was so much responsible for much wastage of food.
Our team used to go out for lunch often.I was the only vegetarian there,so my dish was always wasted because I being the only one to eat that particular dish.This caused so much of wastage of food.All of us actually do so , we order more than required and that food gets wasted.One of my friends was very particular about not wasting food,she used to get the food packed and carry with her.Then she used to either eat it in the dinner or give it to some poor.I learned from her that how we can prevent wastage of food in restaurants.
That’s really a very good idea which we all can follow.
How many times at our home we throw away bread or eatables because nobody is willing to eat.

Here are some tips you can use to help prevent food wastage-

1.Think of a hungry person before throwing away food.
2.Take less food in your plate,if you require more then take again.Don’t fill your plate in one go.
3.You can give old chappati or bread to street dogs and animals.(not the stinky food which could cause food poisoning).
4.Get grocery items in small quantity.
5.Try to first finish off the things you already have then buy new things.
6.Efficiently use the left over vegetables to make some new recipe.
7.Overeating is also a kind of food wastage.
8.Get the leftover food packed when you go to restaurant and give it to some poor or your maid.

Share more tips which you think can prevent food wastage.