Each one Teach one

Education and literacy are the keys to a good future, yet much of our population remains illiterate. Everyone, however young, has a social responsibility to help eradicate illiteracy.
History has shown time and again that individuals can bring about large scale positive change in the world by seemingly insignificant acts. Teaching less privileged children is one such powerful act which can go a long way in removing illiteracy and solving many other problems in India.
Many of us want to utilize our spare time but probably don’t have the motivation or enough time to go to a slum to teach.
How you can contribute-
1.Teach a child at your home or at any convenient place close to your house/office, where a child can come easily.

2.Teach the kids of your maid.If not daily you can do it on weekends.

3.You can also teach adults, who haven’t managed to get education while fighting for roti, kapda and makan.

4.Next time you find a child begging go to his parents and help him getting education.

5.Help the kids of the maid by providing them Books and other stationery.

Even a small contribution from you can change someone’s life.We people are lucky that we have got the gift of education.Let’s share our knowledge with people around us who are unprivileged.
Let’s volunteer and take this social responsibility.
and make this slogan a reality “Each One teach One”.