Everything in this world inspires us.From an ant to an elephant,from a small wrapper to a big building,everything is inspirational.People around us,our family, friends also inspire us.This blog also serves the same purpose- inspire and get inspired…Read my collection of poetry and other writings and share your views.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. hi mam,
    This blog is very good. Hats off to ur work..
    wat abt ur UGC-NET blog? its really good. Plz continue ur work. Many of us were following u. plz do continue…

  2. Hi Ruchika…
    This is Satyam. I am very eager to know that how would you attracted towards this stream? Because today most of the people are living because they came to earth. Some of the people like you are trying to make a difference. Even i need some tips from you…basically i am a philanthropist but sometime i behaves very rude. Even i thinks to make others do what i need without their consideration. I know that it is wrong but still ……. so help me dear friend….


    • First of all thanks fr reading my blog and i m happy to see tht this blog is really making some difference to people’s lives.I believe that if we all make small efforts individually we can together make a huge difference to our society.Please don’t be disheartened..sometimes wen ppl are upset , thy tend to behave rudely to others.Try to find out why are u upset or unhappy.And one gud thng is tht u realise tht u r wrong somewhere thn it becomes easy to correct urself..right satyam.So don’t be unhappy bcoz happiness is ur biggest asset.Remember, by being happy you can make a huge difference to your surroundings.

  3. hi mam!
    Really i’m happy to see this website.Y bcz now we r in science and technology age,no one interested to think about moral & ethic values..but after visiting this website i felt that swamy vivekananda and gandhi gi and….are in india now…anyway thanks for your work and thoughts and keep it and i am always support u in any…i’m ur fan mam..say to ur friends he is my fan…

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