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Zest up your life!!!!

Life is meant to be flowing like water with some tides which throw you high up and make you feel rejuvenated.I believe that we need to have those special moments in life which make us rejuvenated and happy spirits.I would like to list the top 5 things that add zest to my life and make my life magical.

1.Kick Start my Morning-


I always believe mornings are special moments to make one rejuvenated.That’s why I start my mornings with nature walk,Yoga and moments of silence.The mornings really make me enthusiastic for life.The peaceful moments,chirping of birds,deep breathing the fresh air in the form of positivity ,the first rays of sun energize my body and mind.The way I start my day determines how the rest of my day will treat me and it really treats me with great positivity and happiness.

2.Adventurous Experiences-


Life is incomplete without an adventure.Its always a great experience to plan an adventure tour on holidays and exploring life with gusto.The adventure for me ranges from learning driving a car,taking a flight for the first time,going to a water park and trying for difficult rides,climbing a small hill or climbing a tree.These little adventures don’t require you to go to far off places and are also very economical 🙂 Obviously,once I finish off with my list of nearby and economical adventures I would surely like to try Skiing,Scuba diving,Scuba diving etcetera etcetera..

3.Take up an initiative


I take up a challenging task or an innovative idea and set a deadline for me to implement it. I take up different initiatives like planting 100 trees in my apartment area with the help of other residents in a day,teaching the kid of my maid and helping him write his name in 1 week.I have also started a foundation which helps under privileged  students and brings educational reforms.These small initiatives just give true meaning to my life.

4.Visiting  my hometown-


Getting together with family and friends is always very rejuvenating.It makes you walk down the memory lane with the aroma of the beautiful moments of your childhood. The memorable days spent with friends,the place where you and your friend used to have Golgappas daily,the place where you played your childhood games and did betting for winning,the place where friends together played holi and danced in rain.Oh!! these feelings just make you nostalgic.Then most importantly having food filled with love from the most adorable person , my mother.

5.Pen down my thoughts-Mind is a little scanner which transforms thoughts into words.It  always makes me feel rejuvenated to write something I love, something that has come as a ripple in the ocean of my thoughts,something that lifts up my spirits high and when thoughts touch other peoples hearts then that makes me feel just wonderful.

And in the end I would share that writing this post has just Zest up my Life!!!thumb

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