For a teacher….


For a teacher….


“A candle spreads light because its enlightened,and its enlightened because it burnt itself”

Teachers Day is upcoming and like every teachers day it reminds me of the golden school days and brings back memories full of joy,enthusiasm,liveliness,creativity and what not. It reminds me of the creators of that beautiful place ,our teachers where we had started the major journey of our life’s learning in every spheres from academics to moral lessons and most importantly it reminds of a teacher who found a “Budding poet” in me and motivated me to write poems.She seemed to me the happiest person on earth after she read my poems,which inspired me to write more and more and people started appreciating my poetry.

Felt like sharing my poetry I wrote on Teachers Day in school.

 When I left the lap of my mother,
I stepped into a new world and walked further,
The new world was school ,
And my heart was as soft as wool.
Then in the corner,a person stood,
She was my teacher,who taught me how to walk in this new world of childhood.
I held her finger and walked with her,
I greatly love and adore her.
She taught me when I fall I must again stand,
With all difficulties one must withstand.
She always encouraged me,
Gave me the curious eyes to see.
She helped me to touch the peak,
Satisfies me for what I seek.
I was a bud,she made me flower
I was weak,she gave me power
One day i will do succeed
And win laurels indeed.
Whenever I don’t succeed and cry,
She always encourages me to again try
When i win,she hugs me
As she is much more happier than me
Her place is even above God’s place
Because she guides me in every pace.

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