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Never ever give up!!

Two frogs one a big one and other a smaller one,fell into a pail of milk.The sides of the pail were so slippery that the frogs couldn’t  move out.They were battling to stay alive , but everytime they paddled and tried to lift them up , they just felt down. After a while,the big frog said “I can no more struggle , we are sure gonna die , I Quit, I give up!!!” and he drowned.But the little frog said ,”Life is too sweet.I don’t want to die”.he kept struggling hard and paddling around and around with a strong will to stay alive.And then after few hours he found something solid under his feet- the milk had churned to butter!! and the little frog  jumped out.

This is how life is-

1)If you give up like the Big frog you are definitely going to face troubles.

2)If you keep battling like the small frog with determination your difficulties will be overcome,some answer will be got from God almighty and you will hop out of your troubles.

3)Don’t acknowledge defeat,you have unlimited power and you must cultivate that power.