What is true Friendship?

Its holding hands when the souls meet,   
Its the fusion of, two heart beats.

Its beyond any demarcations,
Its beyond any boundations.

Its understanding when nobody speak
Its giving strength when one gets weak

Without words all thoughts and desires shared,
Without speaking everything cared

Its unconditional and true,
Day by day it grows anew.                                                                        

Its beautiful,its divine,                                                                                             
Its love to enshrine

Its forgiving with no condition,
Its loving with full devotion

Its a feeling true and unselfish,
Its giving hope when someone is in anguish

Its liking with no reason,
Sharing smiles every season.


5 thoughts on “What is true Friendship?

    • thnks dear…ya inspired the sleeping poet in me….which was sleeping since months…thnks fr inspiring me…

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