Can we stop beggary in India?

Several times when we meet a beggar on our way,we are compelled to think whether we should help him or not? Its really difficult to ignore a poor pleading face and walk away.Many times we are faced with begging scams..One lady shares her experience-“Once a rikshaw puller came to us asking for help , his leg was badly bruised and bleeding ,he said that he was bitten by a dog.we collected money for his treatment,one person sat in his rikshaw and went to the doctor,as she got down from rikshaw ,he asked to wait and to her surprise he vanished with all the money…later it was found that he had cheated many like that….now who will trust them.” Begging has become a part-time job for some..”A lady used to take her mother-in-law to the temple in the morning ,make some space for her there outside somewhere under shed(begging luxuriously) and take her back in the evening,saying what would she do the whole day sitting at home,atleast she has earned some money”.Some beggars become so rich begging that they start hiring other beggars.Begging has become more of a profession today.Some beggars move to metro cities as they have more earning opportunities there.

According to a survey,there are around 7.3 lakh beggars across India.Beggary is an equally important social issue which needs to be taken care of and shouldn’t be ignored.We as a part of society have social responsibility towards it.

1)We shouldn’t give alms to young beggars,they are capable of working.Giving them alms we are encouraging them to beg.

2)Children also shouldn’t be given alms as they are sent by their parents and this will encourage their parents to earn their livelihood in this way.

3)Also there are beggars who ask on the name of religion,taking advantage of religious sentiments of Indian people.They should be strictly restrained.

4)Give them in kind not in cash.You can give food to a hungry person.

5)If you really want to help,then help them in such a way that benefits them most for ex-you can contact NGOs and be a volunteer by helping them providing free education. eg-

6)NGOs should come together and work on rehabilitation of such people by providing them some means of work.

7)Old people who are forsaken by their wards should be moved to old age homes.

All these measures may not complete free our country from beggars,but to some extent will surely help.So what more ways do you suggest to tackle this problem?


2 thoughts on “Can we stop beggary in India?

  1. Actually sometimes problems comes to us with that innocent face, which is called the beggar…..Earlier I use to think a lot about them in good ways…hav offered them food many times but they don’t want the food…but now wat I see almost at every signal in Delhi they have created their colony…u can see their colony under many flyovers…..The Truth is these people themselves don’t want to come out of that image….if we provide them help they will not accept it in simple way….Very Honestly, now my eyes don’t see them with a sympathy…they are Human, capable of doing work…they can earn…I m more concern about the animals than human….

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