Revolutionizing minds

Recently I visited Andaman cellular jail famously known as “kala Pani” meaning Kal(place of death),from where no one could return back. It is now a national memorial.

The history of prison is one of the most horrifying part in our Indian history,the inhuman behavior of British people on Indians.The walls of prison were small unlike other prisons because no one could escape from there,all being surrounded by water.The prisoners were made to work so much which was much much more beyond humans capacity and dire punishment for those who couldn’t complete the days quota.

When the atrocities worsened,prisoners went on hunger strike..but that would also not affect the cruel hearts.They were forced to eat,and many died out of that.The struggle for survival continued for years. Their love for motherland was the sole reason to live.

“Vo log bhi kya log the..desh ke geet gaate jail mein kadam koi khauf..bas “inqalab zindabad” ke naare lagate..aur apni zindagi ke 10-20 saal yun hi kurbaan kardete””

Veer savarkar was one of the prominent leaders at that time.He was imprisoned there for 10 years.He used to sing patriotic songs the whole day.He used to say “Agar bulbul meri bhasha samajh pati to mein ise bhi desh bhakti ke geet sikha deta aur ye dal dal par jake gaati”.  Such was the enthusiasm at those times in people.

If such people wouldn’t have been there in those days then we would have never got freedom.Though we have got freedom from Britishers,but still we are enslaved..slave of our politicians,corruption,rigid society..Who will get us freedom from all of them?Youth of those times could die for their country…where can we get any such enthusiasm in todays world..To get “Kranti” we need krantikari…and those can only be among us..who will free us from slavery of corruption and politicians.Only young minds can make some change and light the spark of revolution..dream of a new nation free of corruption.Lets take responsibility and be the first  “krantikari”!!!


5 thoughts on “Revolutionizing minds

  1. Godd thoughts. You have a nice blog, on a variety of relevant topics. it will be nice to visit it from time to time. Regards Dhruva

  2. how many krantikaris we need for india,wat a krantikari will do? he will fight against the system,and then a new system will come but still the brand new system will be run by the ppl,wat as a country we need to learn is how to run a system not to just change the system…in many parts of the world revolution happens time to time….but y only few countries are developed?those countries which’s citizen are united,educated,with open minds.and In our India ppl are divided in the name of religion,caste,region,language.we all say that we love india no body says that he loves to all indians. a person from north does not like to ppl from south or north east….and vice-versa,one of the reason for corruption in india is ppl dislike to ppl from other community.suppose a person from north is posted in south and he is responsible for building a road…he will build a weak road..he will not think that ppl can die on this road…he will say let the south indians die..who cares my ppl are there in north..such kind of hatred is very much in out country,this is the reason for nepotism,and other thing is we dont want to take risk..we dont want to try..a businessman’s son will become a businessman…he wont want to try some other thing in his life…wont want to explore the life…so attitude of ppl needs to changed..mindset of the ppl needs to be changed……there is only one problem with indians that is “mindset” problem,after all politicians are elected by ppl…if ppl cant elect a right person then only ppl are to be blamed. ppl in civil services come from common families if they become corrupt then something is wrong in our attitude..thinking intention.wat indian needs is a aware,open minded ppl not krantikaris..krantikaris will come and go…nothing will change

    • u r right rahul and the one who initiates this change in mindset will be a krantikari…n the one one who inspires ppl to change this mindset is also a krantikari…i must appreciate u fr taking this step..u r a “krantikari” too…gud keep going…

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