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Relationships matter for everybody.Soon after we entered this world, God gifted us with Parents,the most beautiful relationship between mother and child which is so pure and unselfish ,unluckily some are deprived of that..but the purest relationship is of mother and child..she loves irrespective of anything..she sacrifices..she takes care of even the smallest of the things which you couldn’t even imagine..she would work whole day long in the kitchen preparing “laddoo” and “mathri” so that you can take away with you to the hostel..and the list goes unending…

The meaning of a family has been lost somewhere in this competitive world where everybody is running in a race to earn more,to spend a life which is well equipped with all the amenities and to lavishly spend as much as possible.Family is divided into two,half on the side spending their life in waiting for their son’s vacation to meet him,for immaterial happiness…and other on the side spending their life in earning lots of money,for getting all material happiness..

Mothers today are no more the icons of sacrifice..they leave their kids in creche in such a young age when they need her love and get the costliest video game..but don’t get the precious time spent together with parents..those moments of laughter shared…now when kids come back  home they don’t get the mothers hug to greet them,but the computer to spend their time..and others have to go to a day boarding school…

Once I asked one of my friends that why does she need to earn so much money..she said I want my kids to get admission in one of the best private schools..and for paying the high amount fees she has to work..if one can get best education in best private school only then what about people like APJ who studied under adverse circumstances..his parents couldn’t afford education today has become more of a business than a learning process…APJ gives the whole contribution of his success to his mother who sacrificed so much for him..he quotes in his biography -“My mother used to get up before me, and gave bath to me and prepared me to go for the tuition. I use to comeback at 5:30 when my father would be waiting for taking me to the Namaz and Koran Sharif learning in Arabic school.”

He writes these beautiful lines-

“I still remember the day when I was ten,
Sleeping on your lap to the envy of my elder brothers and sisters.
It was full moon night, my world only you knew Mother!, My Mother!
When at midnight, I woke with tears falling on my knee
You knew the pain of your child, My Mother.
Your caring hands, tenderly removing the pain
Your love, your care, your faith gave me strength,
To face the world without fear and with His strength.
We will meet again on the great Judgment Day. My Mother!”

So these are the feelings a son has for his mother,parents role is so important in building up the successful person..they are the only one responsible for inculcating values..nothing can substitute these feelings..these materialistic things donot build a persons personality…they don’t give the everlasting happiness..they can’t give you the support and care you need from your dear ones to move forward in the difficult phases of life…So its very important for todays generation to understand that managing professional and personal life is very important for saving these beautiful relationships and importance of regaining the meaning of a complete family bonded with love…At the end of the day what matters is what makes you happy….