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City of vibrations-Varanasi

It was my first day in Banaras.I was very happy as I was going to join one of the prestigious Universities and one of   the Asia’s largest.But somewhere there was a pinch in my heart for staying away from my family.
As I entered my hostel,I saw girls crying,seeing off their parents.”Abhi to yahan ane pe ro rahi ho,fir bad mein yahan    se jane pe rougi.”,gatekeeper said and it really did happen,everybody cries before leaving the hostel.
Its really difficult to stay away from parents and especially for girls because they are more sensitive and   emotional.
Banaras is a beautiful city,a city of vibrations with beautiful ghats.Staying there I always felt
near to nature.I always felt the existence of Lord shiva there.Most of the girls had the idol of Lord shiva in there room,and i always thought their  faith in Him has brought them here.Infact i feel i am one of them.
We could sit hours and hours on ghats.
beautiful ghats
Like other cities we didn’t go to mall or theaters to hang around.Instead we used to wake up early morning to have a      beautiful glimpse of sunrise.
We used to go at night to ghats for the melodious “Ganga Aarti”.
ganga aarti
I liked the festival “DevDeepavali” ,ghats were decorated beautifully.
We used to do boating and go gangapar and whenever we got a class off we used to explore whole BHU cycling.
Our favourite time pass was “chai and samosa”.Ofcourse,boys had more options than us to freak out like spending night at Lanka,I really used to envy them for   that.
Though away from my family,I had got a new family,a family at my hostel.A family where I learned so many things.
The seniors who used to appear like devils at first instance were actually angels who showered
there love and affection once ragging was over.I learned to share,to fight,to care,to adjust there and to value my    mother.It was a total rebirth of myself.
The moments I have spent there were really wonderfull,hostel life entirely changes a person’s life.
BHU itself is an inspiration as it walls are not made by concrete but the hard work of Madan Mohan Malviya ji.The  “kulgeet” we used to sing there was also very inspirational.
gateway to heaven
My journey to this place had been very inspirational and amazing.It was a dream come true and i feel really lucky to    be the part of it.