The best gift you can give,
Is to forget and forgive.

Like a mule you carry the burden,
Of the past, which made  your life worsen.

You were hurt by someone,
Who was your close and dear one.

You can’t get off the pain,
Which has made you an insane.

You remember it again and again,
But all that goes in vain.

The time has come to realize,
To forget and forgive is the decision of the wise.

Let go off the pain,
Remembering it will give you no gain.

If you don’t forgive,
You will make your life worthless to live.

You will burn yourself in your own fire,
Bearing consequences which are dire.

Revenge makes your life shattered,
By bringing feelings like jealousy and hatred.

Good thoughts have always brought good life,
But these thoughts have just brought you strife.

Stagnant water always gives foul odur,
Let go the pain and flow with the God’s order.

Learn the lesson of life and forget the past,
Everything is ephemeral,nothing is going to last.

(Forgiveness is not something we do for others. We do it for ourselves to get well and move on.)


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