Life is just a mystery,
Sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet as pastry.
Sometimes the path is made of steep hills,
For crossing it you need deep skills.
Some gain success and reach the top,
Some remain there and become flop.
Success is not an easy thing to get,
So mush of hard work remains yet.
Only good people succeed,
who have done a good deed.
Why does everybody not succeed,
Even when sown hard work seed.
Everyone sows seed, but only few grow into tree,
Others may grow into a bush or a shrub, but not a tree.
But whats wrong in being a cactus,
It has may times protected the tree.
Whats the difference, both made by God-the shrub n the tree.
Everybody cant be the star,
Its God’s rule n power.
Everybody can’t be the winner,
Someday the winner may be a looser.
So why to loose hope,
And trudge on life’s rope.
Facing moon’s soothe n scorching sun,
Accepting difficulties with fun.


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