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जो बीत गई सो बात गई

जीवन में एक सितारा था
माना वह बेहद प्यारा था
वह डूब गया तो डूब गया
अंबर के आंगन को देखो
कितने इसके तारे टूटे
कितने इसके प्यारे छूटे
जो छूट गए फ़िर कहाँ मिले
पर बोलो टूटे तारों पर
कब अंबर शोक मनाता है
जो बीत गई सो बात गई

जीवन में वह था एक कुसुम
थे उस पर नित्य निछावर तुम
वह सूख गया तो सूख गया
मधुबन की छाती को देखो
सूखी कितनी इसकी कलियाँ
मुरझाईं कितनी वल्लरियाँ
जो मुरझाईं फ़िर कहाँ खिलीं
पर बोलो सूखे फूलों पर
कब मधुबन शोर मचाता है
जो बीत गई सो बात गई

जीवन में मधु का प्याला था
तुमने तन मन दे डाला था
वह टूट गया तो टूट गया
मदिरालय का आंगन देखो
कितने प्याले हिल जाते हैं
गिर मिट्टी में मिल जाते हैं
जो गिरते हैं कब उठते हैं
पर बोलो टूटे प्यालों पर
कब मदिरालय पछताता है
जो बीत गई सो बात गई

मृदु मिट्टी के बने हुए हैं
मधु घट फूटा ही करते हैं
लघु जीवन ले कर आए हैं
प्याले टूटा ही करते हैं
फ़िर भी मदिरालय के अन्दर
मधु के घट हैं,मधु प्याले हैं
जो मादकता के मारे हैं
वे मधु लूटा ही करते हैं
वह कच्चा पीने वाला है
जिसकी ममता घट प्यालों पर
जो सच्चे मधु से जला हुआ
कब रोता है चिल्लाता है
जो बीत गई सो बात गई

— हरिवंशराय बच्चन


Food Waste

I was always fussy about eating food at my home always troubling my mom for eating only my favorite foods,until I went to hostel where I could realize the importance of food.Now I eat every food with a feeling of thankfulness towards God.The habit of mine being choosy about my food was so much responsible for much wastage of food.
Our team used to go out for lunch often.I was the only vegetarian there,so my dish was always wasted because I being the only one to eat that particular dish.This caused so much of wastage of food.All of us actually do so , we order more than required and that food gets wasted.One of my friends was very particular about not wasting food,she used to get the food packed and carry with her.Then she used to either eat it in the dinner or give it to some poor.I learned from her that how we can prevent wastage of food in restaurants.
That’s really a very good idea which we all can follow.
How many times at our home we throw away bread or eatables because nobody is willing to eat.

Here are some tips you can use to help prevent food wastage-

1.Think of a hungry person before throwing away food.
2.Take less food in your plate,if you require more then take again.Don’t fill your plate in one go.
3.You can give old chappati or bread to street dogs and animals.(not the stinky food which could cause food poisoning).
4.Get grocery items in small quantity.
5.Try to first finish off the things you already have then buy new things.
6.Efficiently use the left over vegetables to make some new recipe.
7.Overeating is also a kind of food wastage.
8.Get the leftover food packed when you go to restaurant and give it to some poor or your maid.

Share more tips which you think can prevent food wastage.


Life is just a mystery,
Sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet as pastry.
Sometimes the path is made of steep hills,
For crossing it you need deep skills.
Some gain success and reach the top,
Some remain there and become flop.
Success is not an easy thing to get,
So mush of hard work remains yet.
Only good people succeed,
who have done a good deed.
Why does everybody not succeed,
Even when sown hard work seed.
Everyone sows seed, but only few grow into tree,
Others may grow into a bush or a shrub, but not a tree.
But whats wrong in being a cactus,
It has may times protected the tree.
Whats the difference, both made by God-the shrub n the tree.
Everybody cant be the star,
Its God’s rule n power.
Everybody can’t be the winner,
Someday the winner may be a looser.
So why to loose hope,
And trudge on life’s rope.
Facing moon’s soothe n scorching sun,
Accepting difficulties with fun.

Each one Teach one

Education and literacy are the keys to a good future, yet much of our population remains illiterate. Everyone, however young, has a social responsibility to help eradicate illiteracy.
History has shown time and again that individuals can bring about large scale positive change in the world by seemingly insignificant acts. Teaching less privileged children is one such powerful act which can go a long way in removing illiteracy and solving many other problems in India.
Many of us want to utilize our spare time but probably don’t have the motivation or enough time to go to a slum to teach.
How you can contribute-
1.Teach a child at your home or at any convenient place close to your house/office, where a child can come easily.

2.Teach the kids of your maid.If not daily you can do it on weekends.

3.You can also teach adults, who haven’t managed to get education while fighting for roti, kapda and makan.

4.Next time you find a child begging go to his parents and help him getting education.

5.Help the kids of the maid by providing them Books and other stationery.

Even a small contribution from you can change someone’s life.We people are lucky that we have got the gift of education.Let’s share our knowledge with people around us who are unprivileged.
Let’s volunteer and take this social responsibility.
and make this slogan a reality “Each One teach One”.


Come O! Lord, You are our saviour,
Storms are all around,
Darkness rules, nowhere light found,
Seems to grow everyday,
Couldn’ t find escape anyway.

Come O! Lord, you are our saviour.
Carry me I am alone,
You are the only one, who’s my own.
I am drowning everyday
Get your love boat and carry me away.

Come O! Lord, you are our saviour.
You are my mother, father and brother,
Devils come daily, and take me away,
Conspire, so that I don’t trust you in anyway,
Save me from them, O! Lord,
Kill them with your sword,
Banish them, so that they don’t misguide me again,
O! God can’t you feel my agony, my pain.

Come O! Lord, You are our saviour,
Jealousy, anger keep hovering on me,
Make me blind and i cant see,
oh! God your child has one quest,
why do you take so many test,
Please have mercy on us,
Your man is weak, trust on us.

Come O! Lord, You are our saviour,
I am the drop of your big ocean,
Without you nothing can be in motion

Save me soon, otherwise I will be broken,
Path seems so difficult to me,
Please hold my hand,
And carry me to the end.

Sushmita Sen adopts a second child

The bollywood icon and first Indian to win Miss Universe title is feeling on top of the world because she has become mother for the second time.
She  has adopted the second girl child even though law doesn’t allow to adopt the second child of the same sex.
Sushmita always wanted a baby girl for her first adopted daughter Renee’s company but the strict rule of adoption gave her an obstacle on her noble cause.She has named her “Alisah” which in Greek means joyful.
Instead of so many problems she fought for this noble cause and finally succeeded in doing so…She is an inspirational icon for all of us.If each one of us adopts even a single child then nobody will be orphan on this planet.No child will then be deprived of parents love.
Well Done Sush!!!! Great job.